MIT Class of '83 Survey Results & Other Surveys

Happy, Often Earning Less than NYPD, No Dynasties, Patents & Publications Are Just Different, Stay In Major & If You Snooze You May Lose

This survey is probably the most complete and interesting college survey anywhere, anytime. And it is even entertaining at times.

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Here are some of the results: You will receive a print copy in the mail.

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Anyone interested in sponsoring a quick cancer project? To find out whether cancers in a right side organ is more common after cell phones than cancers in the corresponding left side organ, please contact Or you can do it yourself with SEER data. Somebody ought to do it.

Does your college degree in psychology really matter in your job?

Results from a survey of 300 honor students in psychology

Is college a great way to prepare for a job or is it a yoke for the youth to bear to allow them membership in adult society?

The perfect Christmas present for your psychology student.

I decided to find out.

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How is coauthorship decided in science?

If you are a tax payer you will be surprised by the survey results on how physics coauthorship is determined.

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